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Selected Clients Include


Stella Valente

New York, USA

Freddie has helped me in all facets of voice acting and vocal production. He’s a great teacher. He knows how to break it down in an easy and understandable way. He’s especially helpful in helping you find “you” so you can get a conversational read. He’s patient and kind but will push you to get better.  I’ve taken a lot of voice over classes in Los Angeles and working with Freddie has been the most helpful in helping me achieve my goals. 

Kev Ashtiany.jpeg

Kev Ashtiany

Manchester, UK

I took Freddie on as my coach and he’s been a great help. He has given me really interesting tips and ideas on approaching scripts. One time, I was shortlisted for a well paid job where I had to offer 4 different styles to the script and I honestly don’t think I would have landed the job had I not had my session with Freddie a few days earlier. We spent time on getting the emotions across coupled with pauses and timing in the right places and unsurprisingly, the version that was the most emotive, was the one they picked and I doubt I'd have done that without his help, so in my book, he’s worth every penny

Arthur Romeo.jpeg

Arthur Romeo

California, USA

Freddie Hogan is a tremendous spirit. The first feeling I got from our first session was a sense of genuine concern for upgrading my abilities by pushing me to go further. In our animation one on one sessions, Freddie showed me new techniques and more robust ways to work with dialogue. Ever since working with Freddie, I noticed an uptick with a deluge of auditions from a huge VO studio I've been trying to get the attention of for years. I'm so glad I found this guy!


Why we should work together

  • Over 20 years of experience in the performing arts including Theatre, Film, TV and Voice-Over.

  • A classically trained background in acting which gives you a coaching style that gets the most out of your performance; be that for acting training or voice-over training. 

  • My goal is to inspire, encourage and assist you but also to make sure you have fun in a safe environment. 

  • My acting coaching and voiceover coaching style focuses on skills training, script analysis but also emphasises self-exploration and helps you discover voices, characters and talents you never knew you had.

  • Working with clients from all over the world, in multiple languages and different time zones and still getting the same outstanding results, we can make it work wherever you are. 

  • Able to create a step by step plan to fulfil your greatest aims and ambitions, whatever level you are at.

  • Giving you a constant source of encouragement and belief in yourself to persist in your dreams.

  • A friendly and supportive coach who is always there for you and all your aspirations.


My Story

I always loved the voice since I was a child: doing impersonations, different accents, dialects and impressions. My mum will tell you the performing arts ran in the family. Certainly was true for me. If it was in the classroom, in front of the family or on the stage, my voice would be bellowing somewhere. I joined the National Youth Theatre, went on to drama school and moved to London, where I was fortunate enough to work alongside some exceptional vocal teachers who helped me fall in love with the voice and all its facets. I’ve been passionately working with the voice since 2006; it brings me such joy to work in the performing arts with people from all over the world, from voice over, theatre, TV and film. It is so satisfying seeing how they grow and develop their skills in their passion and aspirations. I am very grateful to enjoy my job, to coach some amazing individuals and as they say...'If you love your job you'll never work a day in your life'.

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